Hi everyone, I’m Lizz, mom of a little girl, two pups and a proud Latina Woman. Home x Nine (home by nine) was inspired by the idea of being a proud introvert who, despite how fun an event is, just wants to be home by nine to light a candle and unwind. After deciding to turn a passion into a small business, I learned about toxic chemicals and other ingredients in many of the candles that I was regularly burning in my home. 
The idea evolved and I became committed to curating candles that were good for you without compromising the quality of the throw. But what if I could do more? In my search for the right manufacturer that encouraged my creativity when creating scents, I also found the ability to go through a manufacturer that is values aligned. Each candle you buy from home x nine helps feed someone in need through Feeding America. 
My mission is to do good whenever possible. Whether that is by making a product you can enjoy, or helping others while making this dream a reality, I am committed to spreading goodness throughout my community. 
Thank you for the support and curiosity.